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Hi All

Hi guyz,

I have moved five new posts, from my another blog. I wrote these posts earlier in 2014 when I was in Paris. I am planning to delete my another blog hence I moved it here. It will be fun to go through them. Enjoy.

Five posts are

Exploring Paris,
Office office in Paris,
Eiffel Tower,
Chennai - Dubai - Paris

See you later.

Recent posts

Laptop disaster : When water meets Laptop

Few days before I had laptop disaster. My laptop was on the floor and my wife was cleaning balcony. She poured water that went below my laptop. It was power off mode but after seeing this she tried to start after waiting for some time and that's all. It never started again. I mean something gone wrong fan starts, but nothing is displayed. And then I did some research on google about what to do and what NOT to do in this situation.
There are many ways suggested to restore laptop to normal working but one and most important thing is never switch on it until we are completely sure that it is dry. So we did what is STRICTLY prohibited and now I don't hope it will start again without major repair. So I thought lets share this. 
Things to do Switch off laptop and remove the battery immediately if laptop is ON. Remove the battery and other easily detachable components.Hold it upside down so water or liquid will spill out and not go insideClean it by dry and clean cloth or paper  which c…

Holika Dhahan

There is March already, we have some festival coming in next few days. Today here at Maharastra we celebrate a festival "Holika". And tomorrow it is Festival of Holi (Festival of colors). Although Holi is becoming very popular festival internationally and many people visit India just to enjoy holi, this post is not about Holi but its about Holika. Note the difference in the name.
I feel that all Indian festivals are designed so that people in society should gather and mix up with each other. Good news is its holiday tomorrow and its a long weekend. After long time I will be celebrating Holika. It is very interesting festival. Like all other Hindu festivals, it is about victory of good over bad. This time it is about victory of good within over the evil within us. On internet there are many stories how Holika started and so I will not discuss it here.
Indians believe that fire is pure. It burns evil and what remains is pure. Anything that survives fire is pure. We all know stor…

Happy new year 2017

Happy new year to all..

I wish this year will bring all sorts of happiness in everybody's life. I wish that all the people on our beautiful planet will be happy and healthy. I hope that all the wars, fights, disputes will end this year.  There is enough on our planet to fulfill everyones need. I also hope that recent decision of government of India will bring prosperity to my motherland.

Well this is time to make resolutions. We should make resolutions and try to keep it. There is no harm to plan something and hope for the best.

I have many new and some old resolution to make at the beginning of the new year. Improving health is the first and most important.  So I will be exercising daily hopefully. This is pretty old one and I have failed to keep my promise in the past. Last year I was able to achieve only 30% of my target 🎯.  But there is better possibility this year to follow this resolution because I am in Pune now and weather is not hurdle here. I am really looking forward …

Thank you Chennai

I have good news to share. Well its bit old news...I moved to Pune again almost a month before. I spent almost three years in Chennai. I love Chennai, but due to some personal and family reasons I took decision to shift to Pune. I was able to find my next assignment in Pune. While leaving Chennai, I was filled with mixed emotions of happiness and sadness and many more memories. I was happy because I was going back to my home state and nearer to family and friends. Sad because I would be missing the Chennai and my colleagues and friends. One month after coming back to Pune, I still miss many things from Chennai. First and foremost is the kind and sincere people of Chennai. Second my favourite madras coffee. But, though I have come to Pune, I have not closed the doors of Chennai for me. I am open to return to Chennai, anytime in future if needed. While leaving I will like to mention few things about the Chennai. First Chennai is growing city and there are several opportunities specifica…

Weekend at Pondicherry

Few days ago I went to Pondicherry or Puducherry with family. It was French colony before Independence. Pondicherry is at about 160 kms from Chennai. It is favorite trip destination for various reasons. There are some beautiful beaches, rocky beaches. You can buy any brand of bear, whiskey, vodka etc. at cheaper rates. In Chennai you won't get all brands as it's restricted by state government. So many people go for enjoying hard drinks. Pondicherry still have French flavor in its life. The old buildings have French architectural touch. Policeman caps resembles that with French police. Even some Church resemble with saint Notre Dame at Paris.

I stayed at Green Palace hotel. It was really great place to stay. They have studied French hotels very well. I received all the services that I use to get in Paris. Resemblance is astonishing. At approximately 2kms from hotel there is a very good Rock beach. The place is great. There is a road parallel to the beach where you can take a s…

Mahabalipuram: The Land of Mahabali

I am writing again after another six months. I have to keep visiting here regular. Actually, initial plan was to add at least one post per month but it appears that even it is difficult. I will try to stick this plan although lot of things coming up in next few days. I will discuss it in next post.
I started this blog to share my experiences in life, wherever I stay. Currently I am in Chennai and I am sharing my life here. I don’t want to make it a travel blog. Generally I tend to do that more may be it is human tendency. :)  Recently I visited Mahabalipuram a small town near Chennai just 55 Km away. It was second trip. When I first visited, I was thinking I am visiting just another temple place. For those who don’t know, there are many old and beautiful temples in Tamil-Nadu. But, I am not big fan of temples. Why? Well not now on this. I rather avoid discussing religious topics.
Mahabalipuram is different and very beautiful place to visit. I am happy that I went there. It is different…